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Prestigious Companies

Today Noisy-le-Grand is the leading services centre to the east of Paris and numerous prestigious companies and training companies have set up there.

Noisy-le-Grand, at the heart of Marne-la-Vallée, is the economic centre for the region to the east of Paris. Mainly involved in the service sector, the south and east of the town are home to very many well-known companies, as well as to many small and medium-sized companies which all contribute to its varied economy and competitivness.

Le Montaigne building was built in 1993 by Aymeric Zublena. The proximity of the RER station was a decisive factor in the construction of this building, which three parts are connected thanks to clear footbridges.

Another building erected in 1989 by Aymeric Zublena: Le Vendome. This liner-shaped building can be seen from the motorway with the sun reflected on its glass walls: It was the former Eurodisney headquarters.The building occupied by Groupama was built in 1987 by Michel Andrault and Pierre Parat. The originality of the architecture of this glass building lies in the reception hall, which is distinguished by a cylinder included in a façade flanked with passageways and patios all of which are independent of one another.

Le Copernic also symbolises a revival in terms of architecture. Its particularity lies in the extreme flexibility of the bright, functional spaces within a landscaped area of over 2000m². Among its innovations is the reuse of stored rainwater for the automatic watering of the park.

Bercy III built according to the plans of the architect and town planner Chemetov, houses the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry. The Ministry, comprising two wings on nine levels, surrounds and enclosed garden and erected on 35,000m² of offices. Its roofing is covered in plants. The building caters for 1,200 officers.

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