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Schools of excellence

In addition to this diversity, the town also has a high-technology university complex with the Cité Descartes Campus.

Marne-le-Vallée's university group, which brings together leading-edge educational establishment, alos contributes to its expansion, with in particular the prestigious engineering school, the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées.


The East of Paris International College and School

Noisy le Grand was retained to welcome the second International High school of Ile-de-France. Situated on grounds Maille Horizon, in the heart of a landscaped garden, this excellent establishment  includes a middle school, a high school, a boarding school, sports and cultural quality equipments.

Built on 12.5 hectares of land straddling two departments between Noisy-le-Grand and Bry-sur-Marne, the purpose of the school is to promote linguistic excellence. The International College (11- 15 year olds) first opened for the academic year 2014 and offers pupils, right from their entry in Year 7 (UK), or 6th grade (US), the chance to study one or more languages besides French, such as English, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic etc.

Eventually, there will be 400 pupils on roll of which 140 will be boarders. Learning will be enriched by study of the culture, literature and history of the countries with which the School has partnerships: the United States, Algeria, Brazil, and China. As regards the School (16 to 18 year olds), it has capacity for 1,200 pupils and boarding facilities for 300 in order to respond to the need for a high quality offer to students wishing to enrol in one of the international sections for studies in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

The Cluster of Excellence at the Cité Descartes

In addition, the town, strengthened by its diversity, has, in the Cité Descartes, an advanced technology university complex located between Noisy-le-Grand and Champs-sur-Marne. This Grand Paris Cluster of Excellence, dedicated to the sustainable development of cities, offers development possibilities with its several thousand square metres of office space generating several thousand jobs by 2020.  The Cité Descartes, which has a worldwide reputation, represents both a centre of excellence in terms of research and teaching and a services sector cluster of the highest order. Located in an exceptional setting, it brings together an originality to urbanisation which it defends and a campus atmosphere at the heart of 35 hectares of green spaces.

The ESIEE, built in 1987 by the architect Dominique Perrault. The Ecole Supérieure d’ingénieurs en Electronique and Electrotechnique (Higher School of Electronic and Electrotechnical Engineering) caters for over 1,200 students. This futurist building reminiscent of a computer keyboard (300 metres long by 10 meters high) with its simple geometric lines groups together 5 blocks arranged like ears of wheat joined to an immense sloping roof, with, as a backdrop, the dome of the sports block. The Cité Descartes' roundabout is symmetrical with the curved entrance to the School. Its originality is emphasised by the use of industrial materials (cantilevered glass at the entrance, the lens shaped glass roof of the indoor gallery and the false ceilings affixed to a PVC framework).

The Geographical Institute. This Institute specialises in the study of town and country planning, the environment, and geographical data systems. The IGN (National Geographical Institute) is a public administrative body overseen by the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea.

The Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée is a large university which has between 10,000 and 12,000 students specialising in various subject areas such as the physical sciences, technology, and the humanities. A scientific, cultural, and professional state institution administered by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, it brings together the physical sciences, technology, and the humanities.

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