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Avant-garde achievements

Avant-garde achievements

Noisy-le-Grand has succeded in combining the innovative architecture of the business district with the more traditional nature of its residential sectors and historic centre.

It is this diversity which gives the town its energy, whilst safeguarding its identity.

Noisy-le-Grand is a town of remarkable avant-garde architecture where buildings by Manolo Nunez, les Arènes de Picasso stand side by side with high-tech constructions in the business centre, such as the Stratège or the ESIEE by Dominique Perrault.


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With an inordinate architectural style to mark the entrance gate to Marne la Vallée, Manolo Nunez constructed les Arènes de Picasso in 1984.  Their particularity lies in the presence of two reinforced concrete disks with a diameter of 42.50 metres that resemble a Meccano game: 120 resin moulds for 5,600 prefabricated items and  12,500 tonnes of façade slabs.


Espace Michel Simon by the architect Georges Pappas, built between 1987 and 1989. Dedicated to the artist Michel Simon, formerly of Noisy, this glass building contains an exhibition hall, a multimedia library and a theatre with 750 seats. It was inaugurated by Jean Marais, the author of the bust of Michel Simon as a young man, which decorates the lobby.


Saint-Paul des Nations Church, built between 1993 and 1996 is a product of the workshop of Yolande and Thaddée-François Nowak (architects), with the help of André Schulz. It is situated on a main pedestrian street and it was set at an angle of 45° degrees with respect to the surrounding buildings in order to avoid it being an obstacle and to invite passers by to go through or around it easily. 

La Noiseraie is a set of buildings created by the architect Henry Ciriani. The work began in 1973 and involves a succession of buildings forming a T, which are characterised by their tiered balconies and the presence of loggias.

Résidence des Noyers was created by the architect Yves Lion in 1993. These housing blocks display great modernity in the symmetry of the buildings, while at the same time using traditional materials, with the presence of pines at the top and the louvered shutters.


The Theatre, the Arc de Triomphe and the Palacio d’Abraxas in the Place des Fédérés were designed by Ricardo Bofill and built between 1978 and 1984. This is an urban room, closed to traffic. Through the presence of fluted glass or stone columns, the architecture reminds one of the ancient Greek or Rome style.  The reference made to Claude-Nicolas Ledoux should also be noted.

In addition to these pieces of architecture, Noisy-le-Grand also boasts original futurist sculptures.

  • L’Ode, by the visual artist Mercado, was made in 1989. This 9-metre high and 24 metre-long sculpture stands by the Victor Hugo vocational school. It looks like a curved arrow whose tip reaches the sun. It emphasises the link between art and geometry. 
  • Three years later, the sculpture Piotr Kowalski erected the Axe de la Terre opposite the E.S.I.E.E, on the Cité Descartes campus. This 32-metre spike is directed towards the Pole Star Alpha of the Little Bear. The 3 main streets of Cité Descartes meet at the crossroads here.
Fresque du Champy - 1979 Mona Lisa Fresque des Yvris Fresque des Yvris Fresque des Yvris L'arche de Noé Clos des Cascades Clos des Cascades Clos des Cascades La Courtine La Courtine L'Axe de le Terre Esplanade de la Commune de Paris Esplanade de la Commune de Paris L'Ode Homme et Femme Homme et Femme Homme et Femme Sarabande pour Picasso Sarabande pour Picasso Buste de Michel Simon Buste de Michel Simon Mosaïque Allée du Bataillon Hildevert

Fresque du Champy - 1979

Fresque du Champy - 1979

Coloriste : F. Rieti / Plasticien : Martel
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