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The annual festivals

Noisy le Grand offers a rich cultural, sports and association environment. Festivities such as the Christmas Marcket or Carnival are organised annually. Well-known shows can be seen at the Espace Michel Simon; the Municipal Conservatory, dedicated to Maurice Baquet, a musician who has been living in Noisy for over 30 years, provides tuition for an increasing number of musicians.


The Chinese New Year - Celebrate the New Year with all the colours of Asia! The start of the New Year is celebrated in a whirl of sparkling colour, sumptuous ceremonial, events, and artistic performances.

The Country Market. The town centre takes on a country look with a feeling of spring floating in the air. Hens, geese, goats, sheep, cows are brought together in pens to the great delight of the children who rush to stroke them. Nor can few children resist the urge to enjoy a donkey ride or jump into a great pile of hay specially designed for them. As music plays in the background, some fifty exhibitors invite us to take a pleasant little trip through the French countryside.

Carnival. Follow the procession, see the floats, and join in the dancing amongst the excited, brightly dressed crowd! Carnival is your appointment with a noisy, colourful gathering in the heart of town. Characters in disguise throw confetti, make music, and sing songs in an atmosphere where anything goes!

Les Belles Anciennes. In spring every year, some fifty drivers, mechanics and keen amateurs invite you to view their vehicles and step back into the bygone age of the automobile. Nostalgia and good cheer are the hallmark of this festive day which buzzes with excitement and conviviality.

Races at Noisy. This is a morning event for amateur runners. Whatever your age, you will have no excuse because this challenge consists of a number of races at the Alain Mimoun Stadium and through the town of Noisy. The races are over 1 to 10 km distances and are open to everybody,

The Festival des Chemins de Traverse. An unmissable, highly artistic event, the Festival des Chemins de Traverse is an invitation to some very original performances from theatre to dance by way of street art or even puppets shows.


Marne ferries. In summer the Marne ferries enable walkers to cross the Marne from one bank to the other or cruise along by the river banks on catamarans that are so low powered that the particularly fragile environment and unexpected nature reserves 15 km from Paris are preserved.

The Music Festival. Music groups, orchestras, brass bands, choirs, musicians and singers all meet up in the town centre for this extraordinary gathering. This is topped by a famous singer giving an evening performance.

Noisy Beach. For two weeks Noisy beach is set up on the banks of the Marne with a view to providing sport and relaxation for people of all ages. Sports include: volleyball, rugby, football, tennis, grass hockey, badminton, table tennis... but that is not all. Bouncy castles, slides, ball pools, zip wires, climbing frames, and zumba classes are there beside the sand, the parasols and the sun loungers. There is barely a step between sport and relaxation!

Festiv’Eau. A big water based event, the Festiv'Eau is a "must" you must not miss. 75% of our planet is covered by water showing the extent to which it is an asset to be preserved. Activities, fun workshops, science workshops, theatre, dance and also a few surprises make this day a great event both for educational and festive reasons. 

The 13th July Ball. The evening before the 14th July, come and dance and be carried away by the sound of the accordion. Have a nice time in a family atmosphere here at this event dedicated to an evening of music and dance as you listen to the refrains of the accordion or the band playing old favourites.


The Grape Harvests at Clos Saint Vincent. Each year the Confrérie du Clos Saint Vincent welcomes visitors, young and old, to the vineyard in the Jardin des Artistes for the traditional grape harvest. A convivial get-together, giving the opportunity to taste the freshly pressed grape juice, meet the guild members, chat with them about the stages of wine making at Noisy, and thereby find out about the astonishing journey that lies behind the production of the Noisy vintage.

European Heritage Days. Over a weekend, take advantage of our exceptionally full and varied programme to spend some time at places which represent our history and culture. Visit extraordinary and little known sites which will reveal their secrets and help you to see the town in a new light.

Monthly Antiques and Collectibles Sale - Town Centre Flea Market. Bargain hunting, scrutinising, searching, finding, haggling, and getting the cheapest buy - just do it! Spend the day clinching great deals in a friendly atmosphere where many stallholders in several streets of the town sell a wide variety of items in search of a new owner.

The Salon de Noisy-le-Grand, Antiques and Quality Collectibles. Definitely for collectors! 70 stallholders, veteran antiques and second-hand goods dealers from all over France welcome you over three days offering 17th to 19th century furniture and collectibles. 


The Christmas Market. A "must visit" in December is the Christmas Market - enticing young and old to the magic of Fairy Land.  Over 5 days, some one hundred exhibitors from all over France display their regional produce and suggest many ideas for gifts. Let your fancy take you where it will and rediscover the taste of gingerbread, pretzels, specialities from Alsace, brioches from the Vendée, and our wonderful mountain produce, delights to set off the taste buds of gourmands and gourmets alike. If you are in search of an original gift, you will be tempted by the wooden toys, the floral arrangements, designer jewellery, or indeed the finely decorated glass objects, created by craftsmen who will be delighted to tell you how they are made.

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