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Noisy-le-Grand is proud to provide a base for leading sports teams that are particularly well classified both nationally and internationnaly.


The town has a range of facilities that enable everyone to take part in the activity of their choice, from athletic to gym. A large number of sports facilities respond to every need and enable people to take part in sports close to home : swimming pool, tennis courts, canoeing area, eight gyms, four stadiums…


Performance, energy, vitality, learning or wellbeing, relaxation and serenity… everything is possible!

Enjoy the exceptional aquatics centre which includes a 25m by 21m swimming pool, with 8 lanes at 28°. Pool depth can be adjusted in line with the activity going on: swimming, water polo, aqua gym, aqua bike, etc.

For children, there is a teaching pool and a play pool with the water at 32° and a depth of 20cm, and also a paddling pool for toddlers. A leisure pool, its waves amplified by a giant wave ball, with water at 29°, a 60m slide with reception pool.

There is also a solarium, outside beaches with deckchairs, a wellness area (sauna, Turkish bath, and jacuzzi) and an approximately 100m² fitness gym besides a weights room with its training and muscle building equipment. And to round it all off... a restaurant area!

Address : 3 Avenue Emile Cossonneau
Tel : 33(0)9 71 00 93 00

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Noisy-le-Grand has many quality sports facilities. Although the municipal gyms and stadiums are reserved solely for sports clubs, there is, on the other hand, the Champy gymnasium which is open to the public for fitness and body building activities.

There are open spaces freely accessible to all in the following districts: Yvris, La Varenne, Les Noyers, Les Abeilles, and also in the Rue de l'Université.


  • Gymnase de la Butte-Verte, Boulevard du Champy-Richardets - 01 58 84 71 82
  • Gymnase Louison-Bobet, Rue de l'Université - 01 45 92 35 84
  • Gymnase des Coteaux, 1 Rue du Rond-Point - 01 43 03 56 05
  • Gymnase des Yvris, Avenue des Graviers - 01 43 03 58 43
  • Gymnase Marcel-Cerdan, Rue Jules Ferry - 01 43 03 60 60
  • Gymnase du Champy, Allée Jean Renoir - 01 43 03 77 85
  • Gymnase du Clos de l'Arche, Rue Jean-Richepin - 01 43 03 02 76
  • Gymnase La Varenne, 20 Rue de Verdun - 01 45 92 97 30


  • Stade Alain-Mimoun, 20 Rue Vauban - 01 43 03 53 77. Running training is available at the stadium's running track from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 8.00 pm
  • Stade des Bords de Marne, Rue Léon Bernard - 01 43 03 51 44
  • Stade de la Butte-Verte, Boulevard des Astronautes


The banks of the Marne with their 4 kilometres of landscaped footpaths are ideal for walkers and cyclists. Visitor may discover La Pergola, a "guinguette" or open-air danse hall/café, and an unique reminder of the Belle Epoque when Parisians would take the tramway to Noisy to bathe in the Marne and dance.

12 kilometres of safe cycle track! Between 2008 and 2014 more than 12 kilometres of cycle routes in town have been provided for the cyclists of Noisy. At the heart of this project is the creation of three cycle routes that will make it possible to cross the district from north to south (two main routes being created, of which one will serve the town centre) and from east to west. The central idea of these plans is to create routes which serve the key activity centres of Noisy-le-Grand in a consistent way: train stations, public facilities, commercial centres, schools etc. Alongside the creation of these cycle tracks, the Town is considering the provision of parking for bicycles close to the facilities served.


Planned and way marked by the Club Noiséen de Randonnée Pédestre (local walking club) , the route of this short walk - PR N° 27 - is a circuit that enables you to explore the unexpected aspects of the town whilst strolling past ancient buildings and modern architecture.

For aesthetic reasons, discrete yellow way markers guide you round this 16 km route which can be completed in about 5 hours.

It can be picked up at several points, including the RER A train station at Noisy Mont d'Est and Noisy Champs or the RER E station at Les Yvris. Don't forget to wear the right kind of footwear and take a drink with you. Please respect the Highway Code and the way markings!


  • Stade de Tennis Suzanne-Lenglen, 3 Rue du Vieux Moulin - 01 45 92 19 17. 3 covered courts, 6 clay courts, 6 porous asphalt courts. The sports club using this facility: Noisy-le-Grand Racing Tennis Club

ARCHERY RANGE: Rue Louis Vaillant - 01 43 05 27 29



Noisy-le-Grand Tourist Office

1, Route de Villiers - 93160 Noisy-le-Grand

Phone : 01 43 04 51 55

Reception and information fom Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 14:30 to 18:30