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Leading service-industry area to the East of Paris, a modern municipality situated in the Ville Nouvelle de Marne-la-Vallée, Noisy-le-Grand is a town that looks towards the future and that has succeeded over the years I, conserving the traces of its past and making the most of all its assets…

With its contemporary buildings but also its old town centre, its many green areas, including the magnificent banks of the River Marne, Noisy-le-Grand offers its inhabitants an exceptional living environment and its visitors a thousand and one opportunities to explore.


  • 62 000 inhabitants
  • 420 associations
  • 13 cinemas
  • 2,000 businesses
  • 26 000 employements
  • 7 hotels – 725 rooms
  • 7 student residences
  • 1 University
  • 1 university Institute of Technology
  • 6 prestigious higher education estalishments

Noisy-le-Grand is a town of 62,000 inhabitants, located to the East of Paris, at the gates of the capital. Composite and full of diversity, it blends a new, decidedly modern and functional town, an old centre that has been completely refurbished in the purest tradition, spacious residential districts and the slopes of the river Marne, a natural, well-preserved fluvial jewel.

Its new town centre, the historic heart of the city, dotted with drinking fountains, rivulets and decorative fountains, has taken on the task of reflecting a strong identity for the town. 

The population of Noisy is young and dynamic and comes together regularly in a whirlpool of highly-colourful, festive and friendly activities. There in an enviable variety of services, leisure and entertainment activities on offer and children are given particular attention.

This internationally oriented town, close to major airports, enjoys an exceptional location to serve the entire Ile de France area. Its communications network makes it a privileged hub for rapid exchanges and links by road and rail. This internationally oriented town, close to major airports, enjoys an exceptional location to serve the entire Ile de France area. Its communications network makes it a privileged hub for rapid exchanges and links by road and rail.

Being a tourist in Noisy-le-Grand means seeing the Eiffel Tower without having to go to Paris, moving in and out of the different atmospheres and exploring the vineyards, the still unspoiled banks of the River Marne, nature and the relaxation it provides, together with areas of monumental renown, prestigious, contemporary or other discretely nestled architectural forms, a testimony to the talents of bygone epochs.


During the Revolution period,

  • three walnuts were chosen at the seal of the municipality, in reference to the Latin etymology of the name of Noisy : nux-nucis.
  • the chevron symbolises the size and extension of the municipality, thus completing the name of the town.
  • the crown testifies to the Merovingian occupation of Noisy le Grand, formerly a Royal Villa.
  • finally, the wavy area at the bottom alludes to the location  of the town bordered by the river Marne.

The calligraphy of the initial letters of Noisy le Grand, N and G, combines classical forms with dynamic elements that translate the economic situation of the town, leading service-industry centre and key town to the East of Paris. The “musical connotation” evokes the principles of harmony of Noisy le Grand with its clear aim to form a bridge between Noisy the modern town, and the more traditional Noisy.


It alone bears witness to the Belle Epoque, the time when Parisians used to Noisy by tram to bathe and dance it its ‘guinguettes’, the Marne remembers the tunes played by the accordions, the smell of frying food, fish stews and sips of white wine shared in a good-natured atmosphere.

Noisy-le-Grand appears in 6th century History through Grégoire de Tours, who, in his Histoire des Francs, gave an account of some events that took place in our town and in particular the murder of Clovis in 583. Originally belonging to the royalty, in 1060 Noisy-le-Grand passed into the hands of the Saint-Martin-des-Champs monks.


Up to the beginning of the 20th century, Noisy-le-Grand was a peaceful country village whose main activity was agriculture. However, the town experienced remarkable growth between the wars. 

The geographical situation of Noisy enhances its force of attraction. Its proximity to Paris and its road and rail transport services encourage the growth of the town. In addition, its richness lies in the appropriateness of the new districts to the south, the business centre to the east and the residential area to the north. Thus, the Mont d’Est district is 75% dedicated to business buildings. 

The creation of the New Town of Marne-la-Vallée has contributed since 1965 to the development of the town and has put new life into it. Today Noisy-le-Grand is the leading services centre to the east of Paris and numerous prestigious companies and training companies have set up there.


Noisy le Grand offers a rich cultural, sports and association environment. Festivities such as the Christmas March or Carnival are organised annually. Well-known shows can be seen at the Espace Michel Simon; the Municipal Conservatory, dedicated to Maurice Baquet, a musician who lived in Noisy for over 30 years, provides tuition for an increasing number of musicians.  

Christmas March

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The town has a range of facilities that enable everyone to take part in the activity of their choice, from athletics to gym. A large number of sports facilities respond to every need and enable people to take part in sports close to home: swimming pool, tennis courts, canoeing area, eight gyms, four stadiums …

Thus, the town is proud to provide a base for leading sports teams that are particularly well classified both nationally and internationally. 


The edges of the Marne with its 4 kilometres of riverbanks give pedestrians, cyclists and fishing enthusiasts the chance to relax and enjoy themselves by the waterside. 

Parks and green areas:

  • Parc de la Butte Verte 
  • Parc du Centre Urbain
  • Bords de Marne
  • Jardin des Artistes
  • La Vigne du Clos Saint Vincent 
  • Allée François Mitterrand

The edges of the Marne with its 4 kilometres of riverbanks give pedestrians, cyclists and fishing enthusiasts the chance to relax and enjoy themselves by the waterside. 


Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport
31 km - 35 minutes by car and 1 hour 15 minutes by public transport.
Daily passenger information 24/7.
Tel : +33 (0)1 48 62 22 80

Orly Airport
25 km - 30 minutes by car and 1 hour by public transport.
Daily passenger information from 06:00 to midnight.
Tel: +33 (0)1 49 75 15 15

A4 Highway 
15 km from Paris - Porte de Bercy (15 minutes), 130 km from Reims (1hour 15 minutes), 315 km from Metz (2hours 50 minutes)

Marne-la-Vallée Chessy TGV railway station
20 km - 25 minutes by car and 30 minutes by public transport. Services to/from: Lille 1h00, Lyon 1h50, Marseille 3h50, Bordeaux 4h00, London 3h10 and Brussels 1h30.

Railway stations are served by line A of the RER which serves Marne la Vallée (A4) et Boissy Saint Léger (A2) 

  • to Cergy-le-Haut (A3)
  • to Poissy (A5)
  • to Saint-Germain-en-Laye (A1)

Railway station is served by line E of the RER and the SNCF.

  • Line E serves: Chelles-Gournay (E2) and Villiers sur Marne-Le Plessis Trevise (E4) at Haussmann-Saint Lazare
  • SNCF Ile de France links La Ferté Gaucher to the Gare de l’Est


City Hall
2, place de Libération
tel : 01 45 92 75 75

Police Station
1, avenue Emile Cossonneau
tel : 01 55 85 80 00

Michel Simon Theater, Library
36, rue de la République
tel : 01 49 31 02 02

Le Bijou,
Cinéma Arcades, 0 892 70 00 00 #77    

Shopping Mall Arcades
tel : 01 48 15 40 92 

Trading Center
Wednesday, Friday, Sunday morning


1 Route de Villiers

Tel : 33 (0)1 43 04 51 55
Fax : 33 (0)1 43 03 79 48
E.mail :

Latitude : 48.844478
Longitude : 2.549181

Days and opening hours
From January to December, open daily
Monday to Saturday : 9.30am – 12.30pm /14.30pm - 18.30pm.
Open all year around except on January 1, May 1, December 25 

Office de Tourisme et d'Animation - Ville de Noisy-le-Grand

1, Route de Villiers - 93160 Noisy-le-Grand

Tél. : 01 43 04 51 55

Ouvert du lundi au samedi, de 9h30 à 12h30 et de 14h30 à 18h30

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